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Newest Arrivals:
Newest Arrivals:

High Quality Koi Carp For Sale

Keruto Koi offers premium quality hand-selected Japanese Koi Carp at affordable prices. If you’re looking for something special & unique for your garden pond then you’re in the right place.  All Koi are hand-picked to ensure excellent quality and are Heat Ramp Quarantined before being offered for sale.

We offer a specialised Koi sales procedure utilising our partners Koi Wholesale. If you are looking for a specific fish, browse the website by clicking the link below, identifying the specific fish and size required. Once you have located your individual fish make a note of the product reference code as shown opposite. Once you have this code simply email us on with your product reference code.

Quarantined to a strict, four-week regime that’s been expertly developed alongside world-leading marine science and technology firm, Cefas, our koi carp – cared for in our purpose-built facility – will reach you in the best condition possible.

Koi can be collected from our premises near Chepstow in South Wales by appointment or we offer overnight Koi delivery for £30 per box with a specialist live fish courier available on Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays before 12:00. Multiple koi can be shipped in a box, the quantity depends on the size of the fish. The delivery date must be agreed upon before your Koi Carp can be shipped. Please note that delivery is to British mainland only, excluding the Scottish Highlands. 

Small Koi


Large Koi

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Koi Food


Informative Resources for Keeping Koi

The koi keeping hobby is so full of information including different varieties of koi, different diseases and illnesses, different bits of equipment and more, it can be overwhelming at times! Therefore, we have developed lots of resources to help new and experienced koi keepers fully enjoy the hobby!

Our koi blog is full of useful information about different varieties of koi, how to maintain your koi pond, common fish diseases and much more! We also have a glossary to help with those tricky Japanese terms and a series of calculators for finding your pond volume, how much pond liner you need and dosages for the different medications we stock. 

Koi Keeper's Info Blog

Japanese Terms Glossary

Pond Volume Calculator

Pond Liner Calculator

Treatment Calculators

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Koi Fish Shop Near Me - Arrange a Visit

We're based in Shirenewton, a small village near Chepstow in Monmouthshire South Wales, not far from Newport, Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester & Hereford. 


If you would like to visit us to handpick your koi in person please get in touch to make an appointment.  Or if you’re after something in particular and you don’t see it in our online shop then please get in touch as we’ll likely be able to source it for you.

You can also get contact us to arrange a visit from one of our team to have a look at your pond. We can identify and treat many parasites and diseases, recommend equipment and troubleshoot any issues. Get in touch for peace of mind that your koi are happy and healthy!

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