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Koi Varieties – Kujaku

Welcome to the newest instalment of our ‘Koi Varieties’ series of blogs. Today we will be looking at a slightly less traditional koi than the Gosanke koi we were looking at previously – the Kujaku koi!

Kujaku Koi from breeder Marusaka

Kujaku koi are a very beautiful variety of koi. In fact, the full name for the variety is Kujaku Ogon which translates literally as ‘Peacock’ and the koi itself are often nicknamed the Peacock koi here in the UK.

A Kujaku koi is a metallic koi with strong reticulation in the scales resulting in the fish having a net-like look running down its back. This reticulation is then overlaid with either a red, orange, yellow or gold Kohaku-type pattern resulting in a very st