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Koi Varieties - Showa

This is the last of our Koi Varieties blog series focussing on Gosanke koi and today we will be looking at the Showa.

To read our blog about Gosanke koi, visit here:

A Showa Sanshoku (SHOW-wah san-SHO-koo), often shortened to Showa, is a three-coloured koi very similar to the Sanke variety. While the Sanke variety has a base colour of shiroji (white) whith hi (red) and sumi (black) markings, the Showa variety has a base colour of sumi with shiroji and hi markings. These very similar markings can often make it difficult to tell the two varieties apart, especially for koi keepers new to the hobby. We will look at ways of telling the two apart later in this blog.