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Everything you need to know about Koi, direct to you in this book.......from a man who knows!


Peter Waddington has written this book bearing in mind ALL classes of Koi enthusiasts, ranging from absolute beginners right through to those who are very experienced.


Some pertinent information has been transferred from Peter’s first book ‘Koi Kichi’ in 1995, some has been transferred to his second book ‘Koi2Kichi’ in 2004 and the majority is new material he has prepared since then.


In order to be able to retail this presentation at a very economical price today, Peter chose not to take up valuable pages with entire wasted pages, whole page photographs, oversized graphics and other embellishments which only serve, in his eyes, as very expensive padding. Instead, each of the pages in this book contains only ‘easy-to-read, black-on-white text and relevant photographs’ thus, as you will see upon inspection, every single page is full to the brim with accurate and relevant information.


Having closely inspected the finished article, Peter considers this book to be the very best available today, (at any price), on the entire subject of keeping and understanding Nishikigoi.



  • Introduction to Nishikigoi.
  • History of Nishikigoi.
  • Koi varieties & Classifications.
  • The Pond.
  • The Filtration.
  • Temperature requirements.
  • Water keeping.
  • Feeding.
  • Parasitic & Bacterial detection and treatments.
  • Handling; Breeding; Showing; Quarantine etc.
  • The famous Koi breeders of Japan.

Koi Crazy (Peter Waddington)

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