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Koi Identification Certificates

A koi 'Identification Certificate' or 'Certificate of Authenticity' contains a photograph and useful information including breeder, date of birth, variety and more. The certificates also include the age and size of the fish when the photograph was taken. These are useful to have for your records and to keep track of where your fish came from.

Here is an example of one of our Koi Identification Certificates:

Certificate of Authenticity Sample-01.jpg

When purchasing more than one koi, ensure you purchase one certificate per koi you are buying or, if you only wish for a certificate for some of the koi you are purchasing, please let us know which certificate(s) you would like in your order notes.


Certificates can also be purchased for most koi previously purchased from us, including all koi purchased online.  If your koi was purchased online and you would like to order a certificate, please leave the SKU of the koi in the notes. For fish purchased in person from our premises, please get in touch regarding your fish to confirm before ordering certificates for past purchases.


Certificates are available as physical copies which can be collected or posted with your koi or as digital PDF files which will be emailed when available.

Click below for more details or to purchase a Koi Identification Certificate:

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