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Pond Liner Calculator

To use our Pond Liner Calculator below, simply input the maximum dimensions of your pond in meters or in feet, and select which measurement unit you have used. The calculator will then give you the minimum dimensions for the liner required in both metres and in feet with a contingency/overlap of 0.5m (1.6ft). You can then choose the most suitable sized liner for your pond using the calculated dimensions.

Choosing to build your own pond is a big decision. Your pond will be completely and customised perfectly to your space and to your liking but it will take a lot of hard work to get there. One of the steps involved in building a pond is to fit a pond liner. Getting the wrong size pond liner can be a very expensive mistake as a liner that is too small will need to be replaced while a liner that is too big will result in a lot of expensive waste. To help you find the perfect pond liner size, we have created a Pond Liner Calculator which will calculate the best size liner given the dimensions of your pond.

To calculate the amount of pond liner you will need yourself, just take the longest measurements of the length, width and depth. Then the dimensions of your pond liner can be calculated as follows:

length of liner = length of pond + 2 x depth of pond

width of liner = width of pond + 2 x depth of pond

This allows for the liner to run down one side, across the bottom and back up the other side for both the length and width of the pond. On top of this, a contingency should also be added to both the length and width of the liner to allow for overlap. This contingency will depend on how you intend to fix the liner in place, some methods will require more overlap than others but we recommend that 0.5m (1.6ft) is plenty as this gives a contingency of 25cm (10 inches) on each side.

If you have an irregularly shaped pond, except for an L-shaped or a U-shaped pond, you can calculate the pond liner in the exact same way. Make sure you measure the maximum dimensions of your pond, i.e., measure the depth at the deepest point, and then you can use the liner calculator above. If you have an L-shaped or a U-shaped pond, we recommend that you break the pond up into sections and calculate the pond liner required for each section individually to give the most accurate and cost-effective result.

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