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Essential Pond Maintenance for Spring

Spring has sprung here at Keruto Koi, and we are excited to showcase all of our fantastic fish now that Winter is finally (almost!) over. Of course, as Winter ends, maintenance and preparation are needed to get our ponds back looking beautiful and ready to enjoy throughout the year. In this blog, we will talk about the maintenance we do here at the start of spring and what you should be doing for your ponds too.

Hopefully, you have done some preparation for the colder winter months. If you are unsure as to what you should have been doing, have a look through our ‘Pond Maintenance’ blog posts here: where we have looked at some of the different aspects of pond maintenance, especially in the run-up to winter. The process of preparing your pond and your fish for winter is often referred to as ‘winterising’ and it is a well-known fact within the koi-keeping hobby that the more preparation you do for winterising, the less maintenance is required in spring for the ‘de-winterising’ and the less the chance of fish getting ill or even passing away over winter.

*Always ensure that when your hands are in your ponds, you are wearing long gloves, ideally elbow-length, so that no toxins from your hands can enter the water.