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Updated: Apr 4

Keruto Koi is very excited to announce the welcoming of a new variety of koi, bred by renowned breeders Taniguchi Koi who are based in Hiroshima, Japan. The variety is called ‘Golden Corn’ and it is known as a Kawarimono variety. This translates literally to ‘unique koi’ and simply refers to a non-standard variety of koi that are often only produced in small numbers making them, especially larger sizes, very rare and valuable. What makes Golden Corn so unique and interesting and gives them their name is the pattern markings they show as they grow and age. Here we have a photo from Taniguchi of a 2020 show winner Golden Corn:

As you can see, the name Golden Corn comes from the amazingly defined ginrin scales each with a darker centre giving an overall appearance comparable to a corn-on-the-cob. Interestingly, this pattern is very difficult to predict based on the markings of a juvenile. Here we have a photo of one of our tosai Golden Corn:

That is, the juveniles of the Golden Corn variety have a bright orange head and a very shiny silver or orange ginrin body. Most juveniles also have a darker hint, either with dark markings for darker pigmentation under the skin which will fade away as the koi grow. Since there is such a great difference between a juvenile and an adult of this variety, it is truly breath-taking to watch the transformations of these koi fish. In fact, one of the rules of breeding this variety is that these koi have the DNA of a chagoi of at least 40”. This means that the koi will not only grow to be very large, but it will also get there quite quickly.

This is an incredible fish to add to anyone’s collection both for the joy of watching the fascination of the unpredictable transformation from juvenile to adult and for enjoying the beautiful and unique look of the adults of this rare variety.

We are very excited to bring you a number of this new variety of koi. These fish are very rare in the UK market and we look forward to seeing how these lovely koi develop as they grow into adult koi.

Check out our current stock of Golden Corn koi here:

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