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The SuperShower is a modular system. Every chamber module can be stacked on top of another module. This makes it possible to adjust or expand the filter to meet every need.


The water is pumped into the upper chamber. The water is distributed via a perforated plate, creating a perfect shower. The biofilter medium is located below this plate which is completely infiltrated by this shower. The water then flows through the perforated bottom to the next chamber. Since the chambers are not completely filled with filter media, there is a sufficient drop height for the water to redistribute itself and to break up after each chamber.


The lowest chamber also contains biofilter media. However, the bottom of this chamber is solid and the water flows out of this chamber back to the pond via the 3x 110 mm outlets.


Combination with other filters
For the trickle filter to work properly it is important for any solid dirt particles to be removed first. When there is too much dirt, the filter clogs up and causes the formation of channels: in that case, the water is not well distributed across the filter media, but only runs along "rivulets" in the material itself. To prevent this, the SuperShower's first module can also be equipped with foam cartridges that hold back the solid dirt. Combinations involving other filters/pre-filters are highly recommended as well, such as:


  • (Pump-driven) SuperSieve:
    When a pump-driven SuperSieve is placed on top of the SuperShower, the coarse dirt particles are removed before the water enters the SuperShower. This is a very simple configuration/installation that requires very little room if the pump is placed in the pond itself.
    It is also possible to pump the water directly to the SuperShower from a SuperSieve connected via a bottom drain.


  • SuperBead - SuperShower: A perfect fit
    The SuperBead filter does not only operate as a biological filter; it eliminates virtually all dirt particles up to 20 microns (0.02 mm) from the water: ideal in combination with the SuperShower, which stays extremely clean as a result. In reverse, the SuperShower is an ideal supplement to the SuperBead filter. The SuperShower provides extremely good oxygen enrichment after the SuperBead, which on the contrary extracts a great deal of oxygen from the water.


  • Drum filter:
    A drum filter removes fine dirt up to 60 microns (0.06 mm) and for that reason is a perfect pre-filter for the SuperShower. This is why fish farms often make use of this particular combination.


  • Multi-chamber system:
    The SuperShower constitutes an excellent (additional) auxiliary filter for a multi-chamber system. In that case, the best thing to do is to place an additional pump in the last chamber of the multi-chamber system. This pump pumps the water from this chamber to the SuperShower and from the SuperShower it once again flows back to this same chamber in the multi-chamber system. This creates additional circulation within the filter. This not only significantly enhances the system's biological capacity, but it also adds a large quantity of additional oxygen to the water. Especially when the current filter capacity turns out to be insufficient, this is a simple expansion without requiring complex interventions in the existing system.


Filter media
The SuperShower permits different filter media to be used as desired, such as SuperBio, Crystal Bio, moving bed media, Alfa Grog etc. For example, in the case of water with a low KH value, it is recommended that a module be filled with oyster shells: this combines the biology surface area with a guaranteed stable pH value.


Specifications (per unit):

Weight: 25kg

Brand: Air-Aqua

Manufacturer: Air-Aqua BV

Country of manufacture: Netherlands

Max. flow: 15m³/hour

Maximum Volume koi pond: 5m³

Maximum Volume swimming pool: 10m³

Inlet: 1 x 75mm

Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 500mm

Material: Polyethylene

Taric code: 84212100


Each unit comes with 50ltres of Crystal Bio filter media


Super Shower

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