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Koi Varieties – The Ultimate Guide

At Keruto Koi, we stock a great number of koi of different varieties, and we appreciate that the koi keeping hobby can be very difficult for everyone, newcomers and even experienced koi keepers alike, with the amount of information available and the number of different varieties to choose from. To help understand the different koi varieties that are available here at Keruto Koi, we have put together this Ultimate Guide containing useful information on all of the most popular koi varieties, and some more unusual varieties as well!

What are koi carp?

Koi fish are a very popular species of carp that have been bred and kept as ornamental fish for hundreds of years. The koi keeping hobby dates back as far as 200BC when the Magoi carp (meaning ‘common carp’) was brought to Japan from China. The Magoi carp was originally bred as a food source, but people quickly started keeping them as pets once skin colour mutations began appearing naturally. It wasn’t until the late 19th century and early 20th century, however, that koi keeping became a popular hobby. Until then, only the richest aristocrats and royalty kept the Magoi carp as ornamental pets rather than eating them.

The koi keeping hobby as we know it started with the Asagi koi which was first recognised as an ornamental carp around 160 years ago. This koi was often kept by the carp farmers due to its int